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Gary Vaynerchuk’s – TOP 5 Quotes

Most entrepreneurial-minded millennials know Gary Vaynerchuk as an internet personality. His way of expressing his strong opinion about business-related topics is sometimes hilarious, but always educational and straightforward. Below you’ll find a selection of our top 5 favorite quotes from Gary Vaynerchuk’s official page.

#1 Henry Ford

‘’Some dude bought 1200 horses the day before Henry Ford created the car. He f*cking lost!’’. Even though it sounds very funny, it also contains a message. Being up-to-date with all innovative developments within your industry is important and can prevent you from making the wrong investments.

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#2 You Collect Smurfs? Smurf it Up!

It isn’t that easy, but totally true. Most entrepreneurs tend to forget to focus on putting that extra effort to really make their products stand out. Without being different, consumers will choose other alternatives that do attract the consumer’s attention.

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#3 Get off the B*tch train

This statement may sound a little bit rough, but it actually tries to encourage you to take action and succeed in whatever you’re doing in life. In other words, roll up your sleeves.

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#4 Ideas are shit, but execution is the game

Do you recognize the problem of having too many great start-up ideas, but never take the step to carry them out? Many young entrepreneurs are scared of the unknown and are doubting if it worth the risk. Besides that, also in a 9 to 5 job just by presenting all your great ideas you still haven’t achieved anything. You’ve to focus and execute it to see results.

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#5 24 months of eating sh*t, to be able to eat caviar

Gary Vaynerchuk highlighted this statement in his DailyVee 143 vlog on YouTube. Of course, It can be questioned whether 24 months is a realistic time frame, but in essence, it’s true. It basically illustrates that hard work pays off.

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Gary Vaynerchuk’s – Soundboard

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