Fri Apr 10

Tips & tricks on how create a top Voicy

Sometimes we get the question, ‘how do I upload a great voicy?’. Well that’s a good question. We give you some tips & tricks below. If you are looking for a better explanation of how to upload a voicy, check out this tutorial.

#1 Go for a good fragment

Surely this sounds like a no-brainer, but it is really the case. Pick something popular, like a good movie or like a famous meme. Usually, movie quotes are a great source of good voicies. They are quick, fun, interesting and memorable. They’re also easy to look for on Youtube.

#2 Pick the right timeframe

Make sure that whenever you are creating your voicy, the timeframe is well specified. It’s gonna take exactly what you pick to get. Make sure you preview the fragment in youtube in step 2, and it is exactly the way you want it to be.

#3 Quote the fragment

You wanna get some more likes? Write down in your title what people can expect in the fragment. This way, people will click more on your fragment and listen to is.

#4 Attractive image

People are visually focused. You wanna make a good voicy? Pick an attractive image that make people curious. Make sure the quality is good and that there are no copyrights on it. You can also pick the Youtube thumbnail, although sometimes this isn’t a very attractive image.

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