Sun Nov 29

Spongebob soundboard

One of the most popular cartoons every, on the entire earth, is Spongebob Squarepants. Seriously who doesn’t know this? The cartoon started out back in 1999 and tells the underwater stories of a sea sponge. Spongebob works at a Hamburger restaurant together with his ‘friend’ squidward. We’re unsure whether that friendship is mutual.

During these stories, spongebob goes on many different adventures. Sometimes, he meets the evil-oriented Plankton. We got some Plankton sound clips as well in the Plankton soundboard. In this post, we’d like to share you our top 3 pick of Spongebob’s best quotes. You can check out the full soundboard over here.

Oops, I guess I ripped my pants again – Sound meme # 3

Spongebob is known from his nice clothes. In almost every adventure, he wears his good looking outfit. But sometimes, he wants to try something on that doesn’t fit so well. What happens next, is that his pants don’t like that! This quote is related to that moment, and is specific to what he says afterwards: “Oops, I guess I ripped my pants again”. A funny one. We hope this doesn’t happen to often with you.

I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m ready! – Sound meme # 2

Spongebob is someone with high energy and a big smile on his face. Something we can all relate to most of the time. This quote is related to how everyone probably is when we’re gonna do something fun. This could be a swimming pool, an adventurous day in a rollercoaster park, going to space, watching the super bowl. For Spongebob, this is a normal day.

F is for friends who do stuff together – Sound meme # 1

Spongebob needs friends. If he wants to survive his amazing adventures, he’ll need to build on his friends. Similarly for all of us. If we want to go through life, we need our friends. But most importantly, we need to have fun with friends. Spongebob introduces a super catchy tune with some cool lyrics about friends. Enjoy this one!

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