Sun Apr 21

Trending Voicy’s: Week #16

Every week we’ve got a lot of new stories and voicy’s coming in, so we decided to share them with you. We will share you our favorite stories and voicy’s that popped out, starting with week 16.

#1 Suuuuu (Ronaldo)

One of our favorite stories this week was the fairytale of a Dutch soccer team in the Champions League. Against all odds, Ajax beat the mighty Juventus and knocked out Christiano Ronaldo and his teammates.

Cristiano was not happy and even though we respect CR07 so much, we couldn’t help ourselves having an inside laugh as well. No more Suuuu this season!

Check out the ‘Suuuu‘ voicy.

Voicy - GIF Overmars (Juventus - Ajax)
Voicy – GIF Overmars (Juventus – Ajax)

#2 Winter is here (GOT)

It’s probably not a surprise to you that we put this Game of Thrones voicy in here as well. Game of Thrones’ final season started last Sunday, and that means that internet goes crazy. I think the GIF below indicates pretty well how we felt this week!

Winter is here, Game of Thrones is starting, and the hype begins. More Game of Thrones voicy’s, memes and gifs you can find on our GOT official page.

Check out the ‘Winter is here‘ voicy.

Voicy - GIF Jon Snow Lost in Battle
Voicy – GIF Jon Snow Lost in Battle

#3 Ringtone of the week

Trump has been in the news quite frequently this week. Therefore, we found this legendary voicy that just nailed everything. If you think you heard everything about Trump or if you just thought it couldn’t get any better, we prove you wrong! We bring you the best, the biggest and the loudest ringtone there is. This one is to you, the people (to quote Trump):

Check out the Trump ringtone.

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Voicy - GIF Trump Press Conference Cartoon
Voicy – GIF Trump Press Conference Cartoon