Fri Sep 25

Funniest and Most Viral Meme Sounds of 2020

Curious about the 10 best meme sounds? Scroll down and enjoy! For the few people who have no idea what a ‘meme’ is, read on. A meme is a term used to describe a concept that is spreading rapidly from person to person via the internet. In practice, a meme usually refers to a certain form of internet humor or joke that originates within or outside the internet.

Even though you have never come across the term meme, you have undoubtedly been in touch with it. For example, do you see someone sharing a certain image (often with text), GIF or a sound clip of something or someone through a website or social media, and have you then shared it again with your friends because it is so recognizable or funny? Well, that’s one!

Top 10 Meme Sounds

1. Deez Nutz

2.Ta Da!

YouTuber VanossGaming (Evan Fong)

3. Bruh

NBA professional basketball player John Wall

4. Ha! Gayyyy!

5. Two Hours Later


6. OK

7. Why You Always Lying?

8. Hey Goo-Goo (Google)

Italian grandmother struggles to use new Google Home

9. Suuuuuu

Cristiano Ronaldo

10. And We Say Bye Bye

Donald Trump

More Meme Sounds?

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