Thu Sep 16

Balls in yo jaws sound meme

The most popular sound meme of the past few weeks is the ‘balls in yo jaws’ sound meme. What started out as a simple Instagram video that was posted by rapper Kornell (@kornellakapiermid) became an internet meme sensation. The rapper posted the Instagram video as reaction to the ‘Balls in yo jaws’ song that he was releasing later that year. The sound clip (or sound button/sound bite), which can be downloaded as an MP3 over here, went viral after Youtuber/Twitch streamer ImDontai started reacting to the song, and he loved the vibe. Interested in knowing more on the background of the ‘balls in yo jaws’ sound meme? Checkout for the full story.

The ‘Balls in yo jaws’ sound meme was extremely popular on Voicy, as it hit first place in week 37 of 2021, and reaching a high score in trending clips at that time. The sound button has been viewed already over 35.000 times within one week, and more to come. With many likes since it was created at the end of August, this sound bite is just a hit.

Balls in yo jaws sound meme

The Voicy sound meme ‘Balls in yo jaws’ that ranked #1 in week 37 of 2021, you can find below. Play the sound meme, like it to save it to your personal soundboard with a free account, and share it within your favourite apps.

Balls in yo jaws
About this Voicy sound meme

The ‘Balls in yo jaws’ sound meme comes from a song of rapper Kornell. The song went viral after Youtuber Sadging reacted on it, and loved it.

The sound meme was the #1 Voicy sound clip in Week 37 of 2021, with over 35.000 plays within a week.

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Meme edits/parodies

As it’s one of the most popular sound memes of the past couple of weeks, a lot of parodies are created to make the sound meme even more funnier. We have selected a couple of really funny parody sound memes and videos for you to check out.

Balls in yo jaws parody – Song contest

A parody of the sound meme on how it would be during a song contest!

Balls in yo jaws parody – Different clip

A different version of the sound meme.

Balls in yo jaws parody – Long version

A longer version of the sound meme.

Balls in yo jaws – Bunnybeer compilation

Balls in yo jaws – America’s Got Talent edition

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