Thu May 18

Voicy: The Ultimate Soundboard App

The wait is over! Now you can easily share audio memes and sound clips in any chat app on iOS and Android.

iOS: Meme soundboard app

Android: Meme soundboard app

It’s astonishing how we’ve overlooked this obvious need. Did you know that a staggering 7 billion voice messages are sent on WhatsApp daily, yet there hasn’t been a library of ready-to-go soundbites? Unbelievable, right? 🤯🤯

Say hello to Voicy, the solution to our problem! Discover trending sounds 🔊, create playlists of your favorite Voicies ⭐, and effortlessly share them with friends through a simple swipe! ❤️

Watch the video and get the app today!

“Welcome to the era of the audio meme, where replicable sound units hold as much cultural value — if not more — than images and text.”

The New York Times

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