Tue Aug 24

🆕 Sound GIFs now available at Voicy

Lately we’ve had a lot of users asking for us to build a new format related to short sounds: SoundGIFs. As Voicy is the home of short sound, we love to bring you new features that provide more value for you to use it in your apps.

SoundGIFs, also known as Clips, are short video clips combined with short sounds. This could be either a clip of a certain video, or a video/GIF combined with a more unrelated short sound. In the future we will give you many examples of how we see the perfect soundGIFs.

First release

The first version of soundGIFs has been released now, and there’s much more to come. In the first version we have introduced you with the new format, for you to enjoy and share. In next versions we will add more features such as your own uploading tool.

Excited about more features? Help us with brainstorming and improving the soundGIF functionalities by filling in the following survey.